When will Amber Heard take a break from media attacks? Sure, he’s had dubious behavior in recent years, but will that justify all the damage he’s done? Johnny Depp was celebrated as the winner when the fact was that he didn’t “win” the test just to get a bigger paycheck. Amber, meanwhile, goes through hell. It is simply not exposed to the international T.V.

the Johnny Depp trial

They also seem to be pieces. According to lawyers, Heard is currently unable to pay the court’s compensation to Johnny Depp. Not to mention all his potential jobs burned to his reputation. In addition to critically watching the whole situation, people’s minds are divided in a Johnny Depp script against Amber Heard. Of course, you have to agree on one and hate on the other. Concerns about how polarized and uncritical we are, and about the moral license we take to judge the lives of others, especially when it comes to people in public. In addition to the binary one v. One idea, we must analyze the social consequences of this case, of which there are many. To say that Heard continues what he deserves is reprehensible and reductionist, because money is the mechanism for controlling women’s history.

Is Amber Heard broken? No evidence is required to prove that this is the case. Honestly, we’ve all seen it since the cards started playing against Heard. Also, the radical nature of Johnny Depp from the beginning does not express any mercy, he goes to the test with the claim that V is from Vendetta, not only from slander. Heard is retired, exposed and has no professional future, and now has an outstanding debt to Depp.

The court ruled that both parties had slandered each other, but Heard had several points against him. After an endless trial at Fairfax, Virginia, the actress was ordered to pay Depp $ 15 million in damages, while she was awarded $ 2 million for the same reason. Fortunately, the Virginia law reducing the fine reduced Heard’s debt to $ 8.5 million.

While platforms like Celebrity Net Worth claim that Heard counts $ 2.5 million, it does not cover half of their debt reduction. Depp’s net worth, on the other hand, is over $ 100 million, after all, it’s a Hollywood legend. Despite many losses from his slander, he has an unreachable bank account and is back in vogue. While Heard was broken and canceled.

Deppe v. Heard
We can create several lists of several trial periods between Depp & Heard, but we will continue to litigate over money. This case takes a long time, so it is difficult to keep up with the current. It all started in 2016 with statements about domestic violence and divorce, followed by an attempt to slander the British newspaper The Sun in 2020. This time, Depp Heard is charged with $ 50 million for defamation after his opinion on domestic violence he wrote for The Guardian in 2018. In this article, Heard begins to be recognized as a survivor of domestic violence and a women’s rights activist. Although Heard never mentions Depp by name, it’s not hard to put it together.

Even without mentioning his name, Heard was accused by Depp’s group of defamation of all the economic losses Depp suffered after the article. Although the two sides committed violence and slander, Heard was always in a weaker position, and yes, it’s all because of the gender situation. This is one of the structural differences that we need to take into account when discussing this issue. There is always a bad difference in power between them that is never fair to blaspheme, but it is something important to consider. It is a pity that Heard abused #MeToo, because social activities have become the only weapon in these cases, now it is broken and canceled.