Elon Musk returned to the headlines for reasons other than Twitter. Apparently at night, a mysterious cloud formation took place in the New Zealand sky. When the clouds shouted at spectators at the aliens, scientists were shouting “Elon” on social networks.

As one of the most debated people on the planet, it would be less surprising if Musk’s name stood in the same sense as words like “aliens” and “swirly clouds.” Let’s take a look at what people saw from the ground that night. Concerned citizens
When people realized that not everyone was in the air, doors slammed all over the city and people ran out and turned on social networks. “Prediction of our orbital black hole,” said one star observer. “Foreigners are changing that,” another commented. In fact, the world is definitely involved in the exciting news in space with the announcement of Sagittarius A of our Milky Way – the black hole that was first photographed.

However, the photographs taken from this recent celestial event have nothing to do with the event’s horizons, and even more so as to how fast the object moves toward the horizon. When Alisdair Burns, a 34-year-old civilian star observer, asked about the spiral, he called it one of the most bizarre sights he had ever seen.

“It was so amazing. It’s like a big spiral. And it’s very, very slow, calm north across the night sky and then a kind of disappearance as it goes on,” Burns said. “It looks like a huge spiral galaxy just hanging in the air and floating slowly,” Burns added. “Terrible feeling.”


As strange as it is, not everyone runs out of heart for the wrong reasons. The 54-year-old Augustine Matthews from Māpuy is a citizen who finds this scene fascinating rather than disturbing. “It looks so beautiful,” he said. “It’s like a planet or a star, it’s just a white dot with a small spiral. And in 10 minutes he flew halfway across the sky and the spiral tripled.


Country of origin
Professor Richard Easther is a physicist at the University of Auckland and quickly describes this phenomenon as “strange” but easily recognizable in the name of science. According to Easther, such clouds sometimes occur when a rocket launches a satellite into orbit.

“When the propellant is released in the back, you basically have water and carbon dioxide – which currently forms a cloud in a sunlit universe,” Easther explains. “The geometry of the satellite’s orbit, as well as the way we sit in relation to the sun – this combination of things is right to make these absolutely insane clouds visible from the South Island.”

This is no different from the kind of cloud that Burns first predicted after reading a report on the launch of a Russian rocket in 2009, which caused a huge spiral across Norway. “None of us have ever seen anything like it. It was amazing. ”


Upcoming missions
As for earthly things, the question remains whether or not Elon Musk will continue to invade SpaceX into cryptocurrency space in the air. While discussions of his multibillion-dollar deal on Twitter describe the negotiations that took place in the air, it is up to everyone to guess what exactly Musk will do if his cars are no longer behind the mysterious celestial clouds.

With missions off the moon and to Mars, the next decade was still clear as Elon Musk crossed paths with invisible views and entities. Whether it obscured more of its swirling clouds in the air is an eternal conclusion. The question is, how long will it take for the same rotating clouds to pass over the American sky? The bigger question is, do Americans enjoy it all?