NEWS After the collapse of season 6, it is not clear whether Christine Quinn will return to Sunset Sale. Christine is known as a super villain in a show with a killer wardrobe. It seems that he has already found his replacement in the new British reinforcement, Chelsea Lazkani. But what lies behind this mystery, is it all a marketing strategy for next season?

Christine Quinn does her fair share of opponents on and off the screen. Obviously, the drama turned out to be even more challenging for the star when he decided to leave the Oppenheim Group. The 33-year-old real estate agent is also accused of hiring a client of his colleague to stop cooperating with him. But can’t Christine Quinn leave the show like that? He did the whole show.

When it comes to reality shows, there is always skepticism about the authenticity of the drama, but in Selling Sunset it is of course 100% real and more than a show. Minutes before the launch of the new Selling Sunset season, on April 22, Quinn published her stories on Instagram: “30 minutes before the launch of ‘Selling Sunset.’ Enjoy the new season and all 5,000 fake stories!

What awaits Christine Quinn?
Quinn is definitely an important part of the team and the main reason why so many fans of the show love her so much. But whatever happens, the show must go on, and later capitalism won’t show us anyone, not even Christine Quinn’s clothes will change. And as such, Quinn’s job information and history are taken from the Oppenheim Group’s website.

However, it is said that all publicity is good advertising and this whole drama eventually turned into propaganda. But Quinn is an intelligent woman and she doesn’t give away product placement for free, she will also take something from this series of events. In fact, the day after the launch of the series, Quinn introduced its new venture to its three million followers on Instagram.

He also shared a screenshot of Forbes magazine’s instagram story, quoting, “Why work with others when you can be your own CEO?” In fact, not everyone is the CEO as freelance material, but Quinn undoubtedly relies on all the necessary aspects to successfully win on her own. Talent and academic knowledge are not enough, it requires discipline and self-determination.

Can we learn more from Quinn when she stopped Sunset Selling? Netflix broker and star recently released her first book in May. How to Be a Boss Bitch is a name and frankly, it looks like something most of us should read. Quinn described her future in real estate and her experience with the Oppenheim Group.

As if planning it with strategy, he launched his book as people began to think about what had happened to him. “I had to make a business decision that was for me, so I had to end the contract so I could transfer it to my broker.” Everything could easily become a smokescreen to avoid his accusations, but there is some truth to everything he says. The reality is that Quinn won’t stop being, or at least behaving like the Netflix star she did with Selling Sunset.

What’s next for Sunset Sale? Everything has changed this year and we are almost halfway there. Life is starting to be “normal” again after two years of the uncertainty pandemic, Netflix has lost its subscribers for the first time in its history, and Sunset Sale would not have been the same without Quinn. But change and chaos are more natural in life, some things can change to the point of no return, but that can’t be bad.

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