Now we know the top eight in the Champions League, it remains to get acquainted with the team of the last matches of the 1/8 finals.

Key principles of this team:

• roster – the best you could get on the tour if you assemble a team according to fantasy rules (total cost – 100, maximum three players from one club, if points are equal, the cheaper one passes).

• this is not a team of one of the real players, and even more so not the editorial team

• the players in the picture are not arranged as in a tactical scheme, but simply divided by position: into defenders-midfielders-forwards. If you look closely, you can see – this is alphabetical order from left to right

• we count the points without taking into account the captain – because the captaincy is already a superstructure, doubling up would prevent us from clearly comparing tours and fantasy heroes.

😊 44 – this is exactly how many points Erling Holland brought you if you took him and made him captain. It turned out to be a fairly obvious decision, a third of fantasy managers did just that . Curiously, in the last round, the lineups of Fantasy participants scored an average of 33 points. Without many words.

😊 Victor Osimhen scored three of Napoli’s five goals against Eintracht, leaving two for the second leg. Outperforming 54% of Fantasy players, the Nigerian forward was the tour’s most popular pick (yes, more than Holland, if only a little).

😊 Giovanni Di Lorenzo continues to rock in Fantasy. The Italian defender was again impeccable in defense, made a productive action and got into the team of the tour. Got the hint?

😊 Andre Onana heroically kept Inter’s goal dry throughout the match against Porto. Goalless game, saves as a bonus – the formula for the best goalkeeper of the week.

😊 Piotr Zieliński  scored a penalty, but this round was not so productive, so one goal from an inexpensive midfielder is enough for a symbolic team.

The next main event for the Champions League is the draw, on Friday we will find out who is with whom in the quarter-finals, then we can better estimate the replacements for the last unlimited deadline. It’s coming April 11th!