How many defeats did Spartak have at Abaskal to Orenburg? In the Super Cup from Zenit (0:4), in the championship – from Dynamo (0:1), Zenit (1:2) and Rostov (2:4), in the Cup – from Zenit (on penalties) and “Wings” (1:2).

Which of these can be called a failure? Probably, we sadly lost to Rostov, but even there we managed to score first and fight to the end. 

In general, Abascal somehow taught that endless chaos and instability are behind us. That Spartak is always spectacular, attacking and emotional. That every match is an event, something new and unknown, every match is a holiday.

The team arrived in Orenburg with a 10-match unbeaten streak and still theoretical chances to fight Zenit.

That’s justAbascal’s magic this time has gone somewhere – his “Spartak” on the synthetics of “Gazovik” was simply unrecognizable.

What did Quincy Promes do? Only moments come to mind when he unsuccessfully fulfilled standards. 

Why did Anton Zinkovsky stay on the field for so long, who did not make a single sensible attacking action (well, at least in favor of his team).

How did Denisov allow himself to be pushed away like that by Mansilla and allowed to be forgiven for the second goal?

Why did Jikia act so ugly, both with the first missed and with the second?

What happened to Prutsev and Zobnin today?

Will Nicholson ever hit the target? Or at least the ball?

How did it happen that only Alexander Sobolev fought for everyone, who created the only dangerous moment? 

Really Orenburg blocked everything in general, and during the match it was impossible to invent, change, remake anything? Guillermo Abascal where is your fantasy

And another question for Abaskal: why did they bring Keith Balde if no one is counting on him? What’s going on, why doesn’t such a player come out instead of Zinkovsky, who can’t do anything at all?

Did Balde do something wrong? Does he perform poorly in training? Or what’s wrong with him? We saw training camps where he seemed like a real car. How did everything break down? 

Spartak was not ideal this spring and this season in general, but they always compensated with their attitude and desire. In Orenburg, all this has vanished– there was no passion either at the start of the game or in full swing, the substitutes didn’t add it either.